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With great professionalism and care our company offers a comfortable and welcoming way to help our patients reach their idea of beauty! In addition to manual treatments, we have the most modern equipment in the aesthetics’ field to get the best results that they ever experience. Our products are all natural, risk free, and formulated with what is the best and most advanced ingredients in cosmetology for body and skin.

Increasingly these days, people have been looking for ways to maintain their heath and look good. For this and many other reasons, the Beauty Business is growing every year. We will succeed based on the efficiency of our treatments, which include learning how to eat right based on blood types, exercising combined with cosmetic massages, and modern equipment to increase the power of our treatments.

We are focused on wellness, health and beauty, using the wonderful combination ofaesthetic treatments, nutrition and work-outs. Everything is based on blood type exams with personalized and individualized services. We believe that everybody is different and that is the reason why we are successful, treating everyone as a special individual. We focus on developing good physical and emotional health of our patients.

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Female Patiente

After much research, Dr. Thesiger was highly recommended to me and I would in turn highly recommend him for any of the services that he provides. Not only is HE top notch, but he has a top notch staff as…

@groupon happy customer

People were friendly and the lady that treated me was explaining all the steps she was going through. I also like that the people weren’t as snobby as they sometimes are in a plastic surgery business.

@groupon happy customer

I’m very impressed with Bell. She explained things to me in detail and I learned a lot from her. At 34 years old and having been to dermatologists for twenty years, I feel like she taught me more in one…

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