Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical, non-chemical, non-invasive method of skin resurfacing. Because of its preciseness in removing dead skin, it is virtually painless. When this process is performed on multiple occasions, it allows younger softer skin to show on the surface, promoting noticeable changes in texture, color, and appearance.

How is it performed?

A treatment wand is gently passed over the skin to exfoliate it, removing the outer layer of dead cells while simultaneously vacuuming them away. This leaves a smoother texture and promotes the growth of healthy new cells. The wand is directed over all areas to literally “erase” any imperfections, spots and sun damage. A normal facial application takes approximately 20-30 minutes and clients usually notice immediate improvement in the texture and appearance after the first treatment. Other areas of the body can also be done, so please inquire if you have other interests.

How Many Treatments Will Be Needed?

Some patients have Microdermabrasion performed once or twice, usually to freshen their face for a special occasion. However, the average patient requires approximately 3-4 treatments for substantial improvement. Patients wishing to improve the appearance of scars or wrinkles may require 4-9 treatments. Treatments can be spaced out at your convenience but usually are scheduled every 7-14 days, depending on the desired outcome and the preferred time frame. Touch-ups every several months really help to keep your skin in good shape.

What Are Some Of The Conditions That Microdermabrasion Can Treat?

Microdermabrasion can treat a number of skin changes including discoloration, fine wrinkles, sun damaged skin, acne prone skin, superficial age spots, blackheads & whiteheads, reduction of scarring and excessively oily skin. It can be used for discoloration of the neck in the aging process, for blending of the skin after laser treatment, and for discoloration on backs and chests in exposing clothing.

Microdermabrasion is an alternative to chemical peels and laser resurfacing. We enjoy Microdermabrasion because our clients desire smoother, younger looking skin and are not willing to endure painful procedures, long periods of recuperation, or use discretionary income on more costly procedures. Microdermabrasion is the answer!